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We aim to accelerate manufacturers, suppliers and traders’ import & export business transactions and connect all these groups to new opportunities.


What We Do

Our mission is to ensure optimal vision and better quality on trade through web for all partners those who seek a reliable and focused business partner.


Our Solutions

The Global Trade Operating System

We are in one connected global payments network which has numbers of banks and payment providers adhere to a consistent set of payment rules and standard, that send and receive payments via distributed financial blockchain technology which is the first global real time gross settlements system that enables banks to message and document, clear and settle transactions with increased speed, transparency and efficiency across global footprint of bank and payment providers, rather than a constellation of disparate technologies, unstandardized communications and centralized networks, such as issuing Letter of Credit (L/C) and negotiating related documents to the bank.

The solution is designed to help digitize trade and finance business processes, which has a range of functions, including Bill Collection, Letter of Credit, Open Account for Trade, C2C Transactions for Trade, B2C Transaction for Trade, PO Financing and Invoice Financing. It offers a cryptographically secure, end-to-end payment flow with transaction immutability and information redundancy.

Streamlined Logistically Worldwide

We are confident that we could secure the best possible freight rate from carriers, air or ocean, and the right schedule for our members. By doing so, manufacturers would be able to pay more attention on quality control and R & D works to develop new products, while buyers would be able to concentrate energy on marketing and distribution before the shipment arrived.

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